Corporate Health & Safety Policy


The management of Capital City Contracting is committed to the concept of safety on and off the worksite. This includes the protection of personnel, the public, equipment, materials and the environment from accidental or deliberate loss caused by injuries or accidents.


In fulfilling this commitment, Capital City Contracting will strive to comply with all applicable municipal, provincial, and federal legislation to the best of its ability.


Capital City Contracting has developed a comprehensive health and safety manual outlining company policies, job procedures, safe work practices and programs to ensure adequate hazard identification, control, and worker training to adhere to.


Management is dedicated to the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment and will co-operate, and support the efforts of workers and subcontractors to achieve this goal.


Management recognizes that workers have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Management supports the co-ordination and co-operation of Capital City Contracting workers and subcontractors concerning safety on the job site.


Employees at every level, including management and subcontractors, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, everyday, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence this company expects.


An accident and injury free workplace is our goal. Through a continuous safety and loss control effort, we can accomplish this.